KevinMcDonald Novato

Teacher and Wildlife Conservation Enthusiast Kevin McDonald Novato Discusses the Ecological Benefits of Wildflowers

Monday, May 11, 2020 8:50 AM

Teacher and wildlife conservation enthusiast Kevin McDonald Novato discusses the ecological benefits of planting wildflowers. 

NOVATO, CA / MAY 11, 2020 / Immaculate lawns and other green spaces have been an American goal for decades. However, wildlife conservation enthusiasts like Kevin McDonald Novato are expressing the importance of wildflower growth for the environment, insects, and other wildlife. Kevin McDonald Novato recently discussed the ecological benefits of wildflower growth and why we should do our part to maintain or even develop new wildflower-rich areas.

Enthusiasts like Kevin McDonald explain that wildflowers provide many natural things insects need to survive. These items range from pollen, nectar, and leaves consumed as food to areas for breeding and protection from predators.

“Wildflowers are beneficial to insects, which means they’re also beneficial to all other creatures,” Kevin McDonald Novato says. “The insects are consumed by bats, birds, reptiles, and more. These creatures are then consumed by mammals, and the circle of life continues.”

Kevin McDonald also states that wildflowers benefit the environment even when they’re not in bloom. The seeds can be a necessary food source for small mammals, birds, and insects trying to survive in the winter months. Even more, Kevin McDonald Novato explains the roots of the wildflowers stabilize the soil surrounding them, keeping the soil healthy.

Conservation enthusiasts like Kevin McDonald Novato explain that growing a meadow of wild flowers in your yard or somewhere in need is a low-maintenance way to beautify outdoor space. He and other wildlife enthusiasts understand wildflower meadows can’t exist everywhere, especially in urban areas, but they express that even growing wildflowers in small spaces can benefit the area’s environment greatly.

“Wildflowers benefit the environment in countless ways, but they also benefit us as humans,” Kevin McDonald says. “They keep the food chain functioning properly, stabilize soil so toxic algae doesn’t spread into our water, and they’re pleasing to the eye.”

Kevin McDonald Novato explains that wildflowers can benefit the physical and mental well-being of humans. Seeing a gorgeous plot of wildflower in the city will surely bring about more positive feelings than seeing a slab of concrete or dirt. He adds that cultivating a wildflower garden is a simpler way to enjoy many of the perks of having a garden.

“Creating a natural garden, whether in a city, the countryside, or your backyard, offers a low-maintenance way to experience the joys of gardening,” Kevin McDonald Novato says. “Even the elderly or those with limited mobility can enjoy this simple way of gardening that still offers the joys of learning and watching your beautiful plants grow.”