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Kevin McDonald Novato Explains The 5 Key Changes That Are Transforming Education Right Now

Kevin McDonald Novato Explains The 5 Key Changes That Are Transforming Education Right Now  

Kevin McDonald of Novato explains the five key changes that are transforming education for teachers and students right now.

NOVATO, CA / APRIL 30, 2020 / The education system in the United States is constantly changing. California teacher Kevin McDonald of Novato explains that the year 2020 has brought about a number even more unique changes, mostly due to an exponential growth in the use of technology.

Kevin McDonald Novato explains that technology has drastically revolutionized all industries, and education is one of those sectors where students, teachers, and parents are seeing drastic changes. One of the most impressive technological advancements Kevin McDonald has seen is the addition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in classrooms. He explains that these next-level technologies, like AI-enabled software can understand and adapt to each student’s unique abilities. The use of AI in learning environments is expected to increase by roughly 50 percent in the next year.

“Many times, as humans, we’re resistant to technological changes,” Kevin McDonald Novato says. “But the changes associated with AI are going to provide a higher quality education for everyone, especially kids who may need special attention in some areas.”

Kevin McDonald Novato explains that another major change in the education system is increased accessibility for students with disabilities. Technology has made text-to-voice and voice-to-text opportunities drastically more available. Tech-driven learning tools are making receiving a quality education more accessible for kids who may have difficulty with sight, hearing, or speech.

According to Kevin McDonald Novato and other teachers, immersive and experiential learning are growing as well. These types of education are more specifically preparing kids for certain needs in the workforce. These preparations are expected to help conquer challenges met across numerous industries. Many times, these changes are seen more at a high school or university level, as these are the students currently preparing to enter the workforce.

“We’re also seeing a major shift toward personalized learning,” Kevin McDonald Novato says. “Technology has made it possible to tailor education to suit and individual student, through tech-enabled programs, devices, and more.”

Finally, Kevin McDonald Novato explains that one of the most impressive changes he has seen in 2020, is the push toward lifelong learning. McDonald explains that education isn’t just stopping at the high school or university levels. He’s seeing his students develop a new, more flexible outlook on learning, which they can carry into the jobs they eventually acquire in life.

“We’re seeing students who are more agreeable to learning new technologies and skills, and this, I think, is going to benefit society greatly,” Kevin McDonald Novato finishes. “This new generation entering the workforce is one that’s eager to learn new abilities on the job, and that eagerness gives me a lot of hope for the future.”