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Kevin McDonald Novato Discusses the Academic Benefits of Traveling for Kids

Teacher and avid traveler Kevin McDonald Novato recently discussed the academic benefits of traveling for kids. 

NOVATA, CA / JULY 12, 2020 / Avid travelers know that the act of traveling is far more than vacationing. Traveling, whether on brief getaways or around-the-world expeditions, offers numerous mental and physical benefits to travelers of all ages. Teacher and world traveler Kevin McDonald Novato recently discussed the academic benefits kids experience through traveling.

“Traveling offers countless benefits to children, and many of those benefits are reflected in their academic performance,” Kevin McDonald Novato said.

Kevin McDonald Novato explained that kids who travel show more confidence in a number of social situations. Kids who travel learn to live and study in environments that are far different than home. They’re able to adjust to different settings more easily, and are less likely to feel insecure when doing so. Kids who travel develop conviction, confidence, independence, and unique perspectives.  Kevin McDonald Novato added that kids who have studied in varying locations adjust to college settings more easily.

Kevin Mcdonald Novato explained research has shown that the act of traveling increases academic knowledge. Travel may seem like simply a fun activity for kids, but it is actually a way to enhance a child’s academic performance now and in the future. Through travel, kids learn to network and communicate with kids and adults with different backgrounds, cultures, and more. They develop an interest in the foods and traditions around the world and soak in an abundance of knowledge that can’t be learned in a classroom.

“When we’re traveling, whether young or old, we’re constantly learning,” Kevin McDonald Novato said. “We’re tasting new foods, experiencing new traditions, learning new languages, and developing countless other skills without noticing. Kids take these skills, as well as a broader world view, back to the classroom to succeed.”

Kevin McDonald Novato cited a 2016 study performed by the Student and Youth Travel Association stating that travel experiences trigger accelerated personal development, improved social skills, and superior academic performance. Kevin McDonald Novato explained that, as a teacher, he sees a variety of accelerated skills in kids who have the opportunity to travel.

“Kids who travel show growth and independence in numerous ways,” Kevin McDonald Novato said. “They’re used to stepping outside of their comfort zones and accomplishing tasks on their own, without an entire support system in tow.”

Kevin McDonald Novato explained that independence allows kids to problem solve more quickly and confidently in the classroom. This independence allows them to grow and develop new academic skills more quickly than those who are more afraid of stepping outside of their comfort zones.

“The positive effects of travel on academics are obvious,” Kevin McDonald Novato finished. “As teachers, we need to do what we can to help provide kids with opportunities to experience new surroundings, whether near or far.”