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Kevin McDonald Novato Discusses Several Ways Health Care Can Be Improved for Veterans

Military veterans have varying opinions on healthcare in the United States. However, nearly all can agree that veterans deserve the best care possible. The VA has been working to improve healthcare for veterans, but in many ways, the system remains broken. Kevin McDonald Novato explains that nearly half of the veterans in the United States want to get their healthcare at the V.A. However, these facilities aren’t always nearby and can be difficult to access.

Kevin McDonald Novato states there are several ways the V.A. can improve to help veterans get the care they deserve. He says the V.A. understands that many veterans have difficulty traveling to receive healthcare at a VA facility. This is in part due to disability, age, illness, or a number of other factors. Kevin McDonald Novato adds the goal is to make these facilities more accessible, through transportation services, like the Veterans Transportation Service (VTS). This is a service designed to take veterans to their VA health care appointments; however, it’s not available in all corners of the country. Kevin McDonald Novato explains this service must be spread beyond its current locations.

Kevin McDonald Novato states that superior access to Telehealth programs can provide more aid to veterans who are unable to leave home or would like to travel to V.A. healthcare facilities less frequently. Video teleconferencing allows patients to meet with specialists without having to travel, especially when those specialists are a plane flight away. Kevin McDonald Novato explains veterans deserve access to the special devices that make it possible to check symptoms and check vital signs from home.

Additionally, Kevin McDonald Novato argues that veterans should not just have access to V.A. hospitals and doctors. They shouldn’t have to worry about where they get their care and should have access to quality health facilities close to home. The V.A. should work alongside community-based private care facilities, so veterans no longer have to worry about the time and cost associated with traveling long distances for appointments.

Kevin McDonald Novato finishes by stating that the system simply needs reform. Recent reports state that veterans are waiting too long for care and are having to travel too far. He states that the V.A. needs to be held accountable and access to healthcare for veterans needs to be expanded. Kevin McDonald Novato says that for all that our veterans have done for us, we as a nation need to do what we can to give back to them.

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