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Kevin McDonald Novato Discusses Ecosystem Restoration And Why It’s More Important Now Than Ever Before

Conservation enthusiast Kevin McDonald Novato discusses ecosystem restoration and why it’s more important now than ever before.

Ecosystem restoration aims to repair damage humans have caused to biodiversity and ecosystems around the globe. The concept alone may seem like a tall order, but conservation enthusiasts like Kevin McDonald Novato explain that it’s not too late to start restoring our world’s precious ecosystems.

Kevin McDonald Novato explains that restoration projects are designed to provide re-vegetation, habitat enhancement, remediation and mitigation. He says that most restoration projects are geared toward creating ecosystems with their native species. Other types of restoration projects are designed to serve specific functions, like preventing erosion or improving pollination.

“There’s no better time than now to start restoring destroyed ecosystems,” Kevin McDonald Novato says. “The longer we wait to start restoring, the bigger, more time consuming and more costly the projects become.”

Kevin McDonald Novato explains that ecosystem restoration offers countless benefits for the environment and humans as well. Improved carbon storage and superior water quality are just two of the many perks humans and all creatures will see when ecosystems are restored. Kevin McDonald Novato adds that certain species of animals can be saved from extinction and events like flooding can be deterred.

“The benefits of ecological restoration are numerous for plants, animals and humans,” Kevin McDonald Novato says. “The work we do to protect our ecosystems will benefit us as well. It’s a total win-win.”

Kevin McDonald Novato adds that waiting too long to restore ecosystems can put them beyond repair. As global temperatures rise, certain plant and animal species may not survive in areas where they once thrived. He explains that if we don’t repair the ecosystems now, they may never be reparable.

Conservation enthusiasts like Kevin McDonald Novato are constantly working to tackle the wide range of projects that make up the concept of ecosystem restoration. He has worked to replant native species of wildflowers in grasslands and removed unwanted weeds and non-native species. He has helped revegetate disturbed areas, helping prevent unnatural erosion and more.

“I don’t think we will ever be able to stop these restoration projects, with industries constantly expanding and global temperatures on the rise,” Kevin McDonald Novato says. “We understand that ecological restoration is constantly a work in progress, and those of us who care, will never stop working to protect earth’s plants, animals and ecosystems.”