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Kevin McDonald of Novato Reflects When His Father Had San Rosa Emergency Room Named After Him

There are a few people out there who go above and beyond in the line of duty. Kevin McDonald of Novato‘s father, Dr. John L. McDonald, Jr. created medical opportunities for many people in Sonoma County. There was no emergency room that was located in Sonoma County in the early 1970s and Kevin Mcdonald‘s father had to do something about it. A medical professional himself, Kevin McDonald of Novato‘s father was a former US. Navy medical personnel who would always put his life on the line for those who were in need. After his residency with the Navy ended, Kevin McDonald of Novato‘s father would end up becoming an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps. Once his military adventures were over, Kevin McDonald of Novato‘s father would end up finding a home in Sonoma County. However, he noticed that there wasn’t ample medical personnel available to help in the event of an emergency.

Kevin McDonald from Novato‘s father would end up opening a private medical practice that was near Santa Rosa Memorial hospital. The town didn’t even have an emergency room! Kevin McDonald of Novato‘s father knew that he had to do something for the people that lived in this town. Fortunately, Kevin McDonald Novato‘s father had the expertise to provide the people in the town with the right medical care whenever they needed it the most. After much campaigning, Kevin McDonald Novato‘s father would end up opening Santa Rosa’s first emergency department located in Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. However, his journey would not end there.

Dr. McDonald realized that there wasn’t a paramedic program in Sonoma County. He would create a paramedic program in Sonoma County after the medical director at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. Dr. McDonald is famously known for creating REACH Air Medical Services in 1987. This life light program would end up saving dozens of people’s lives over the years. His efforts didn’t stop there as he managed to get Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital a trauma center by the year 2000.

Dr. McDonald passed away in the year 2000. Many people remember the many gifts that he gave to the community in the form of medical program breakthroughs and hours of medical care. Most of all, Kevin McDonald Novato remembers the incredible sacrifices that his father gave over the years so that people could live. Now, Sonoma County’s Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital has named its emergency room after Dr. John L. McDonald, Jr. The people of the county will forever be indebted to Dr. McDonald’s efforts and will keep him in their memories forever.

Kevin McDonald a Novato, CA

Kevin McDonald a Novato, CA Teacher and History Buff, has Released his Book, Tin Can Sailors Save the Day, to Honor Veterans

Kevin McDonald a Novato, CA resident, is not only a teacher but a published author. His book, “Tin Can Sailors Save the Day: The USS Johnston and the Battle off Samar,” shares the story of the USS Johnston, one of the heroic ships that defended Taffy Three at the Battle off Samar. Kevin McDonald a Novato, CA resident is also a member of the Johnston/Hoel Association, so his book being about the USS Johnston is well-known.

About Kevin McDonald of Novato, CA

Kevin McDonald a Novato teacher has been teaching in Novato for almost 20 years, since 2001. He has taught a variety of subjects such as history, language arts, science, and math. He has also created a curriculum for all of those subject areas, too.

Although Kevin is currently a math teacher, his book is more focused on history than math. He aims to honor veterans with “Tin Can Sailors Save the Day,” giving insight into a lesser-known historical battle focusing on the USS Johnston.

Tin Can Sailors Save the Day Receives Great Feedback

The book by Kevin McDonald a Novato teacher was published in 2015 and continues to receive great reviews from readers. “Tin Can Sailors Save the Day: The USS Johnston and the Battle off Samar,” currently is rated 4.5 stars on Amazon, and 4 stars on Goodreads.

One reader on Amazon writes in their review that the book is “history as non-stop excitement.” It is evident that the non-fiction historical account reads easily and is not only to learn but to read as entertainment as well.

But the book is definitely not only for older readers or for those who may already be aware of this piece of history. Another reviewer states: “I purchased this book for my 11-year-old nephew and he read half of it in one night! He said he particularly enjoyed the maps. I would highly recommend for any kids interested in non-fiction.”

For any World War II buffs like Kevin McDonald of Novato, the book is an interesting read to learn more about the Battle off Samar and discuss with fellow WWII history fans.

Get Kevin McDonald of Novato, CA’s Book

Kevin McDonald a Novato, CA teacher and resident, has his book available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Hellgate Press.