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Kevin McDonald Novato

Kevin McDonald Novato explains how replanting native grasses and wildflowers is transforming local landscapes

Conservationist Kevin McDonald Novato showcases the transformative properties of replanting native grasses and wildflowers in areas hit by ecosystem damage. A popular educator, conservationist, and published author, Kevin McDonald Novato has long advocated for efforts tied to stopping, limiting or mitigating ecosystem damage across large swathes of the United States. Now based in the San […]

Kevin McDonald Novato

Kevin McDonald Novato reveals continued importance of Bay Area wildlife conservation

Educator and conservationist Kevin McDonald Novato opens up about the critical importance of local wildlife conservation. From preserving unique natural habitats to helping to curb pollution, wildlife conservation has long been a passion of popular Marin County teacher Kevin McDonald Novato. Involved in the field since college, McDonald is as keen as ever to reiterate […]

Kevin McDonald Novato Discusses How Grasslands Are More Important Ecosystems Than Most People Think

Kevin McDonald Novato Explains How Grasslands Are More Significant Ecosystems Than The Average Person Realizes   Grasslands are inherently underrated ecosystems. They don’t typically mesmerize visitors, like mountains, jungles, or beaches. However, grasslands serve countless purposes in helping the environment thrive. Kevin McDonald Novato recently discussed how grasslands are more important ecosystems than most people may think. […]

Kevin McDonald Novato Discusses New Ecosystem Restoration Camps and How They Can Help Save Earth

Conservation enthusiast Kevin McDonald Novato discusses new ecosystem restoration camps and how they can help save our planet Global temperatures are on the rise, and conservationists know there’s no better time than now for humans to start having a more positive impact on the environment. Kevin McDonald Novato is a conservation enthusiast who has worked in […]

Kevin McDonald Novato Discusses Ecosystem Restoration And Why It’s More Important Now Than Ever Before

Conservation enthusiast Kevin McDonald Novato discusses ecosystem restoration and why it’s more important now than ever before. Ecosystem restoration aims to repair damage humans have caused to biodiversity and ecosystems around the globe. The concept alone may seem like a tall order, but conservation enthusiasts like Kevin McDonald Novato explain that it’s not too late […]

Teacher and Wildlife Conservation Enthusiast Kevin McDonald Novato Discusses the Ecological Benefits of Wildflowers

Monday, May 11, 2020 8:50 AM Teacher and wildlife conservation enthusiast Kevin McDonald Novato discusses the ecological benefits of planting wildflowers.  NOVATO, CA / MAY 11, 2020 / Immaculate lawns and other green spaces have been an American goal for decades. However, wildlife conservation enthusiasts like Kevin McDonald Novato are expressing the importance of wildflower […]